January 13, 2015

Two-Fer Tuesday: Sophia Valenti

Sophia Valenti and I have worked together for years. She proofs my stories when I'm unsure. She talks me off ledges. She's someone I'll always sit next to at a party because her wit is dark, delicious, and divine. When my family went through a rough spot, she was one of the friends who came forward rather than falling away.

If you met my father, you would sense that he is a good person. He has that aura. Right for the sake of right. (There is, quite honestly, a little Captain America in him.) Sophia strikes me the same way.

Now, add into the mix that her writing is out of this world, and you have one of my favorite writers, confidants, and friends—all wrapped into one dreamy package.

For today (I just tried to spell that with a "two"—two-day), I am serving up a short story Sophia wrote for Sudden Sex called Riding the 5:15.

On a side note, I have been chronicling items, settings, and scenes I adore in films. "Trains" is on an upcoming list. So this story fits perfectly into my world.

Riding the 5:15
By Sophia Valenti 

            I’d noticed him before, the young man with the dark, searching eyes. Our paths had crossed occasionally in the evenings—that is, whenever I was able to get out of the office quick enough to make the 5:15 train. He’d glance my way the second I’d board the car, and then he’d keep his eyes trained on me for a long while, conveying his interest with his unyielding gaze. I’d catch him out of the corner of my eye and could never hold back my smile. I liked the attention—and our little routine. He’d stare at me patiently, appreciatively, waiting for some sort of hint, a sign that would encourage him to sidle up and talk to me during our thirty-minute ride to the suburbs. But no matter how many times our paths crossed, I never acknowledged him—until last week.
            It was the evening before a long holiday weekend, and it seemed as if everyone in the city had high-tailed it out of town by midday. I rushed from my office and through the steamy streets, eager to head home. The air was thick and damp, feeling as if the city were on the verge of one of those violent summer downpours—the ones with heavy raindrops and striking claps of thunder. Electricity seemed to be already coursing through the air. Or maybe it was the sensation of my own frazzled nerves resonating within me. Either way, I soon realized I had three blissful days to unwind and indulge myself however I wanted. And that lit a spark in me, one that set me in a mood for some adventure.
            By the time I descended into the station, my thin sundress was clinging to my curves, my skin hot and damp. I hurried across the empty platform, hearing an announcement that told me my train’s departure was imminent. Clutching my purse, I hustled down the last few steps and into the train car, the doors closing behind me a second later.
            I glanced around the car, seeing that it was empty—except for one familiar passenger.
            There was my handsome stranger, reclining in his seat, with his tie loosened slightly and the first few buttons of his shirt open. He appeared relaxed and as ready for the weekend as I was.
            Boy, did he look good. Rather than ignoring him, I stared directly at him this time. After all of those weeks of one-sided admiration, I felt I’d earned the right. Brazenly, I let my gaze trail from his intense eyes, to his full lips and manly jaw, before taking in his broad shoulders and legs crossed casually at his ankles. My eyes then reversed their path, heading upward before locking with his. His lips quirked up in a smile, and my cheeks flushed with heat. I felt like all of my senses were on high alert.
            Feeling bold, I sat directly opposite him, and his smile grew wider.           
            “Just in time. Lucky you,” he said, extending his hand. “My name’s Paul.”
            I put my hand in his, enjoying the feeling of his strong fingers wrapping around my palm. “Hi, I’m Maya,” I answered, my voice nearly a purr. “But it remains to be seen how lucky I’ll get.”
            Paul sat up a little straighter, but his easy laugh let me know that my words didn't didn’t shock him. But what they did do was add an extra dash of sexual tension to the attraction that was already sparking between us.
            He and I made small talk about our jobs and the weather, politely filling the time, until the conductor came by to check our tickets.
            “This train’s nearly empty,” he said to us. “Enjoy the peace and quiet. I know I will,” he added before disappearing.
            “Mind if I join you?” I asked, nodding toward the seat next to him.
            “Not at all,” he answered, smiling wickedly as I took my place at his side.
            Reaching up to his face, I caressed his stubbled cheek with my hand. He growled low in his throat, nuzzling my palm. I leaned in close, kissing him and inhaling his scent, enjoying the sensation of his soft lips pressing against mine. Paul threaded his fingers in my hair, tightening his grip and making me gasp into his open mouth as his tongue began to tease mine.
            When our car cleared the tunnel, sunlight streamed in through the windows, and as the train picked up speed, so did we. Before long we were kissing wildly, lost in our embrace, as the train rhythmically rocked along the tracks. Paul’s hands slid down my body, caressing me through my flimsy dress as he lavished my neck with kisses. Despite the train’s air-conditioning, I felt red-hot inside.
            When Paul’s hand slid up my thigh, I moaned with longing. Not able to wait, I wriggled out of my panties, and then straddled his lap.
            “This is a much better seat,” I whispered.
            “I’d have to agree,” he said, his intense stare thrilling me to my core. I felt as if he could see into my very soul, instantly reading the depth of my desire for him.
We resumed our lip-lock as Paul brought his hand up under my dress again, finding the split of my body and using his thumb to circle my clit before flicking it gently. I was on the edge, but I needed more.
“I want you inside me—now. I can’t wait,” I told him in a heated whisper.
Deep down, I knew there was a chance we’d be discovered, and while that excited me, I knew it might also call an end to our game. And that was something I couldn’t tolerate. I was hot and wet and desperate; there was no time to lose.
I reached into my purse to fish out a condom. Paul face lit up with a half-cocked smile, and he hurriedly opened his pants. His erection sprang upward, and I stroked it affectionately before rolling the latex along his length. Then, with my dress billowing around us, I lowered myself onto his cock, sighing as I took him inside my body.
Paul brought a hand to my hair once more, tangling his fingers in my tresses as I began to ride him. I started off slow, but increased my speed, feeling the rhythm of the train pulsing within me as we sped to our destination. Outside, the sky grew dark and fat raindrops slammed against the windows, turning the world into swirls of gray. Paul reached underneath me, his thumb once again finding my clit, and I ground against him lewdly. Working my hips, I quickly sparked my climax, biting my lip to keep quiet, while he grabbed my hips and powered his cock in and out of me. Our mouths met once more, and a few seconds later, loud crack of thunder came, masking the sound of Paul’s orgasmic groans, but I felt their vibrations in our kiss as we rode out the last spasms of our climaxes together.
They say that life’s about the journey, and I’d have to agree. But the journey’s even better when you have company that’s as sexy as Paul.

Read an interview with Sophia Valenti here.

Sophia Valenti is the author of Indecent Desires, an erotic novella of spanking and submission, and her fiction has appeared in the anthologies Alison’s Wonderland and With This Ring, I Thee Bed, as well as Kiss My Ass, Skirting the Issue, Bad Ass, and Torn.

Please stop back this afternoon for a double-shot of Ms. Valenti.


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