January 09, 2015

"You like to look in windows..."

"You like to look in windows."

"Are you calling me a Peeping Tom?"

"If the window fits..."

My friend continued by naming movies I adore, and calling me out scene for scene:

The Player: Tim Robbins talks on his phone while watching Greta Scacchi through the windows.
American Beauty: Kevin Spacey lifts weights in the garage while his neighbor takes video through the window.
Foul Play: Goldie Hawn spies through a window as two ladies playing dirty Scrabble.
Rear Window: This is my favorite Hitchcock, probably because of all the window watching.
Heartbreaker: He washes a window before coming inside to make out with a pretty executive.
Slam Dance: The opening shows what dwellers are doing in their apartments. (But that's different, because a character is watching through a window.)
Body Double: The whole premise is based on watching through a window.
Body Heat: William Hurt gazes at Kathleen Turner through the window as his passion builds to epic heights.
Die Hard: Bruce Willis spies a woman in an apartment across the way.
Fast Times at Ridgemont High: All right, this is the reverse. But Judge Reinhold drinks in Phoebe Cates through a window.
Dirty Harry: Am I remembering correctly? Doesn't Dirty Harry use binoculars to watch a woman undress?

I'm sure I'm missing many. What's interesting to me is that only two of the films truly rely on watching as part of the plot. The concept of looking in simply touches on my voyeuristic heart.

There are overlaps, as well. I tend to appreciate Harry Dean Stanton films, so: Slam Dance is on the same list with Alien and Repo Man... I enjoy movies about artists, so The Player is on the same list with The Moderns.

Of course, these "lists," don't actually appear anywhere. But as a hardcore film fanatic, I found it interesting to be so gently nailed by my desires.

"You like to look in windows."



Beatrix ellroy said...

Just last night I wrote the first draft of a voyeur piece! Timing!

Sommer Marsden said...

I'm with you on Rear Window. A) Jimmy Stewart B) Grace Kelly C) Hitchcock! and D) so much tension you have to wiggle in your seat. I also loved the 'remake' Suburbia. Fabulous. I guess I like to peek in windows too.


minamurray said...

I'm a bit of a watcher myself, and have had the misfortune of being caught on a couple of occasions! Most memorably when I was in my dark (though obviously not dark enough) bathroom, spying on the naked man in the building opposite. He was making his bed, bending and flexing this way and that.

The balcony blinds weren't closed all the way. He definitely saw me. I know this because he did one of those super-fast double-takes you see in the movies. I flung myself away from the open window so hard I almost gave myself whiplash...

On another note: I just read 'Not a Voyeur' on the club blog. Oh MY! That story is so hot I made like a Southern belle and fanned myself in a dark corner.

Wasn't able to leave a comment on the club blog for some reason - probably operator error (ie - me!)