February 26, 2015

Bad Girl...

Yes, this is what I've been up since dawn working on. Oh, wait. It's not quite dawn yet, is it? Nope. Still black outside. Well, this is what I've been up since forever working on. Gorgeous photo by Riendo makes me happy to look at. She has me nailed. If I had a gallery—and wouldn't I love to have a gallery?—the walls would be adorned with Riendo's gorgeous, gritty work. All urban, street traffic, wires.

Bad Girl was originally published by Pretty Things Press in 2002. At the time, I'd already been writing erotica for about a decade, and the stories were plucked from books I'd worked on over those ten years. I'm polishing and perfecting the pieces now, and I've added the subhead "retro erotica"—mostly because these stories really are retro. No cell phones here. No tablets. No Google glass. Who knew that the 90s would be looked at as a simpler time?

I could also have titled the book "nostalgic erotica," or "vintage erotica." For now, I'm going with retro.

If you're interested in an advance copy for review, please drop me a note at alisontyler at yahoo dot com. Otherwise, stay tuned. I'll have the TOC and intro finished shortly. Once I'm done strolling down memory lane.


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