February 12, 2015

From the Desk of Graydancer...

Writerly linked to an article about authors and artists and their workspaces, triggering my voyeuristic side. (Not that difficult to do.) I love seeing where people work. Personally, I tend to work in corners. I don't really care where my computer is, but I like my back to the wall, and if I can be sort of wedged into a small area, I'm deliriously happy. Corner of a bar. Corner of a booth. 

Graydancer—who wrote one of my all-time favorite bondage stories One Rope, which appears in "Bound for Trouble" and received a nod in the Library Journal (LJ called his story "quixotic, poetic")—posted his workspace. And he allowed me to reprint the picture here:

"It's funny: looking at the picture of my workspace makes me feel more comfortable than actually being in it. From the outside, though, I see the comforting surroundings of books that I love (I regularly cull my collection, so only the Greatest Hits really remain). The calendar, believe it or not, is a stress-reliever: every time my workaholism bites me in the ass I look at it and see that yes, I am hustling, I am making things happen. The desk is a compromise between my desire to have an empty plain, nothing but a screen and a keyboard (my idealized writing environment) and the realities of needing coffee, of using my microphone (isn't it a lovely phallic shape?) regularly, of the need for good sound. Scattered around you can see bits of art from lovers, friends, and my kids - talismans of my life that keep me connected. 

I travel a lot, and coming home to this creative hearth is a key part of keeping myself grounded in a space that I can call my own.

Here is Gray's shelf.
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And yes, in case you're wondering, this does mean that I will happily, gleefully, voyeuristically post pictures of your workspace if you want to send them to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com. Because I'll get in less trouble with that than if I start peeking into your windows!



Miz Angell said...

Microphone? Interesting. Does he often dictate his work? I know there are writers out there that do, but I've found I get even more distracted when I attempt that.

Lovely space. Nice and tidy and clean.

Graydancer said...

Miz Angell,

I do a lot of audio work: two podcasts (Ropecast.com and graymiller.libsyn.com) as well as producing my own fiction works (on podiobooks.com) and some other narration/nonfiction production work.

Dictating my writing sounds so cool, though!