February 16, 2015

Trollop with a Question #44

I seriously enjoyed the conversations I had based on last week's question. I basically spent all week long imagining I was in a dive bar (mine was in Amsterdam, and I'm ready to go back). So I thought I'd try again. Rather than simply say, "What's your favorite type of candy?" or "How do you deal with anger?" I'm putting this out:

You wake up slowly. The room is the perfect temperature—not too hot, not too cool. You don't open your eyes right away—you bask for a moment. Yeah, baby, you float. There's that sensation of almost being awake but not quite, and you linger there for as long as you want. No alarm clock will go off. No one is waiting for you. This is perfection.

The pillows are that sublime sensation of soft meets firm. The sheets are your ideal sheets (satin, flannel, 400-thread count). This is the bed of your dreams.

You stretch. You yawn. You open your eyes and look out the window.

Where are you?

When I was with Byron—near the bitter end of our twisted relationship—I would dream that I was in bed with Connor. The dreams were so fucking real, that I would wake up and be certain—100%, swear on my life—that Connor was next to me. Black jeans. Black t-shirt. Wave of blond hair. I'd sit up gently in the bed, peek over to see... Not Connor but Byron.

And I'd be crushed.

Now, speaking of fantasies and dreamy bedrooms... I'm in bed with some seriously phenomenal authors right now. Kiki Howell, Selena Kitt, Sommer Marsden, Skye Warren and I are all part of an erotic bundle. I am delighted at the concept, because years ago (six years, I think) I came up with the idea for readers to "Pay as You 'O.'" I'd put up a story—readers could download it for free—and then I asked them to Paypal me what they thought it was worth. I'm working on rebooting the idea right now, because I adored the thrill. Sure, some people didn't pay at all. Some paid more than they probably should have. This was a winning situation, but I got bogged down by other projects and let the project slide.

Right now, for the bundle, you can peruse the selection and pay what you think we're worth.

Visit the site here.

I have multiple reasons right now of asking you to support your favorite indie authors.

I'll be sharing more bit by bit.



Jade A. Waters said...

Oh, this is easy, and yet it's a tie (freaking Gemini). My first answer is a tropical island. I'm on vacation, by myself for a week, and there's nothing to do but relax on the beach (or near the beach, perhaps on the deck of this hotel room) and write. It's just the right temp in here, too, because I'm an AC junkie. My other answer? At home, week to myself, perhaps a better view outside the window (there's a parking lot so the blinds are often closed) and my amazing bed. I did pay about three grand for the damn thing, so it better be comfy! ;) Great question!

168d7130-34d4-11e2-91ad-000bcdcb5194 said...

I know this is the wrong thing to wish for, given that the other side of the country is getting deluged with snow and I don't really know how bad it can be. But, as a lifelong California beach-town native, I've always had some intense "snowed-in" scenario fantasies. Give me all the creature comforts (plenty of good food, warm blankets, a fireplace, and the ideal snow-savvy boy who'd make keeping me warm his only priority).


Miz Angell said...

Where am I? Easy. My old apartment in Miami. The best place in the world. I wish we hadn't sold it, but family politics dictated it.

Right on the water, the fifth floor balcony was the perfect height. The smell of the ocean, the cry of the gulls, and the peace of the dawn.

Jeremy Wright said...

Definitely somewhere tropical. And remote. The sound of nothing but nature and the ocean seems like it would be a great escape