February 24, 2015

Young, Wild, and...

I have been a freelance writer and editor since I was in school. (I paid for my Mustang with freelance work.) I'm not sure if I can actually get away with this shirt, though. But youth is in the eye of the beholder, right? Or is that kink? (I stole that from Sophia Valenti!)

On top of my freelance work, I've put up four (yeah, really) little collections of my own stories. I wanted to post them all together because I'm proud:

But also, I wanted to put them up because I often have the feeling that I don't get anything done. I'm not kidding. I chase my tail. I run in circles. I howl at the moon... no wait, that's not me. That's Georgia's dog. I feel like a slacker 72% of the time. So seeing these four minis all finished delights me.

The books each cost $2.99. I have the stories listed on the Amazon pages. Riendo is paid for every sale. Her beautiful photographs never fail to light me up.

If you like the books, let me know. With everything else going on lately, I am so pleased to have positive messages in my box.


P.S. Alison on Top is part of the erotic bundle I'm in! 2 days and 13 hours left!

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