March 12, 2015

Kiss an Author

Remember when I suggested people Merry a Writer? Well, yesterday, I came up with #kissanauthor. What do you do? If you're on Twitter, post a tiny snippet of a story by an author you adore. Hashtag the post with #kissanauthor. I was able to snag some lines by several of my favorite writers yesterday. (I'm a lucky editor who has access to thousands of stories.)

The math trick is that you only have 140 characters to work with. Some of the lines kept spilling out of the box. Which meant I had to be very selective with the words I chose.

If there were more space, you could put in the title of the work, a link, etc. This is why I'm also suggesting this as a theme for posts.

Kiss a Writer: Insert Writer's Name Here

Then you could say something along the lines of  This is a bit of a story I love. Here is the author. This is what the story meant to me.

I'll be doing this periodically, so you can see what I mean. For fun, you can also slide your snippets into comments here. That way I can grab some for Twitter, as well.

Why do I want to do this?

Because writing can be lonely. Take now for instance. I'm sitting in my office. It's dark outside. I've only got coffee for company. Waking up to see that readers are enjoying your work would be a thrill, I think, for any writer.

And speaking of thrilling a writer—check out Violet Blue's request for reviewers. I know Violet would be delighted to wake up one morning and see a slew of reviews for her latest collection!


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