March 25, 2015

Sit Down & Get Writing!

This is exactly what I did yesterday. For nearly eight hours. I worked on the fourth installment of my Jack, Sam, and Alex story. I've been unsure of how to proceed logistically with the series. What I think I'm going to do (but this may change) is put up installments of about 100 pages (25K) at a time. Otherwise, the sheer amount of words I have to work with (a quarter of a million-ish, give or take) is a little daunting.

I feel like the flow is good. Do the stories stand alone? That, I'm not sure of. But I love what happens in Paris—the power play between the human points of the triangle. I want to get this portion up so that readers can tell me if it works. Hopefully, soon. I'll keep you posted!

At the same time, I'm reformatting some of our older titles. Skirting the Issue originally came out in 2009, before I knew how to link the contents to the stories or even format the books correctly. I believe I did the reboot right—but on Amazon the "search inside" still shows the older file. The revise contains a free bonus story for our upcoming collection Office Sluts. You know how I feel about sex on the job. (I like it.)

All of the money from these collections is divided equally among the authors. You are supporting indie writers with every purchase—and we're so fucking grateful!

And speaking of grateful... Bisexual Husbands, the new incendiary collection edited by the mastermind of erotica, Violet Blue, has received a handful of stellar reviews:

Violet Blue always finds great stories and authors for her anthologies. This one is no different.

Between the covers are seven hot and kinky tales of husbands gone wild—pushed and prodded into it by their wild and kinky wives.

I was mesmerized by the nonstop intensity of this collection.

This collection of short stories grabbed me right away and held my attention until I'd plowed through them all.

And the mother of all reviews... A post by Ms. Naughty.

All of the authors are seriously thrilled when you take the time to put up a review. Especially, in this brave-new world where publishing has been turned upside down! The writers I know would still put words to page if nobody was reading. Because we're driven. We can't stop. It's not a choice. But having the outlet to contribute to indie publishers is a life-saver right now. Indies like Digita Publishing—who treat writers right—give me serious hope for the future.

Not only of publishing—but of writing.


P.S. Pencils are by my friend The Carbon Crusader.

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Miz Angell said...

I need to force myself to sit and do this. I can't seem to break away from the boob tube. Besides, someone has to cajole the voices in my head to come out and play.