March 15, 2015

Six Reasons Why I Love

Yes, I have confessed—professed (color me obsessed)—my love for's six-word story prompts before. (If you don't believe me, check here.) But now I'm giving you six reasons why (yes, my first ever numbered list) I love

• The six-word prompts are a personal challenge. My routine is simple. Either I don't sleep and I get up, or I sleep a little and I wake up early. I work on whatever I'm working on. (Yeah, that's pretty specific. I know. But I write on a novel or dive into a short story. Or I edit what needs editing.) Then I crave a break. is my mind candy. I don't reach for the cookie jar. I dip into sweet words.

• Although I'm awful at working in groups (I've learned from multiple hard experiences), there is a community in Once I put up my day's submission, I read what other writers have penned. (I post first, then read. Always.) There is support in starring and sharing other writers' works. I love this. And I'm always impressed with the various ways writers tackle the same topic.

• Six-word prompts are perfect for short-attention-span writing. I don't have a lot of time to mess around. There are always deadlines sitting on my shoulders. But anyone can take a six-word break.

• "Perfection is unattainable." (That's a quote from Tin Cup, one of my all-time favorite movies.) But if you are not happy with your words—there's always tomorrow. Brush off your pencil and try again!

• The six-word prompts are all about words and play. And I worship wordplay. One of my friends observed that my greatest pleasure comes when people are willing to play with me—literally. Years ago (more than six years ago!), I used to run weekly prompts on my blog. I'd toss out an idea, and anyone who wanted to enter could. Writers posted their entries anonymously. I put up polls. And readers voted for their favorites. I sent out prizes to anyone who would join. Not only winners. (Because everyone's a winner in my book.)'s six-word prompts capture this playfulness for me.

• is positive. There are so many negatives right now for writers. is a positive corner of the internet for me. Her page is a virtual coffee shop. I want to linger and hang out. Drink my java. Mess with letters and fonts. Discuss serifs. We need all the positive we can get.

So there you have my first ever numbered list.
I hope to see your six-word stories soon!


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