April 29, 2015

#10000 Flowers ... and Counting

Having people send me pictures of flowers alleviates my need to a) be a good gardener and b) be a good photographer. But I can be an excellent hostess. Here is the latest offering from Sommer Marsden. I love the bright colors—and the tulips (those are tulips, right?) look so regal!

Sommer has a new novella out—Haunted—which is snagging awesome reviews right out of the gate! Or should I say, right off the ferris wheel?

The 100-page novella is on sale for $1.99. And all profits go directly to the author, which is a business model I am supporting body and soul.

I have more flower photos to post shortly, as well as new-release to share—so stay tuned. And if you stop to smell the roses, remember to snap me a photo, as well.


P.S. If you click the images, they will get bigger.

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