April 19, 2015

Books in the Wild: Psycho

Photo by Sommer Marsden
I love when people play my games. Sometimes my ideas work, sometimes they circle the drain. But this latest concept has already won me two pics.

My idea for Books in the Wild is simple. All you need is a camera and a book. I'm asking readers to send me pictures of the books their currently enjoying out in the wild. Or the urban. Or the kitchen. Wherever you're reading—take a picture and send it. Sommer Marsden is currently reading the book Psycho—and she staged this shot. Honestly, I had no idea there was a movie before the book. I'm totally interested in finding out which she likes better.

So far, I've featured:

I'd love to see what—and where!—you're reading.

Send snapshots to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com if you want to play along.


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