April 22, 2015

For a Good Flower, Call...

Sommer Marsden! Because she has sent me snapshots of my all-time favorite type of flower: Grape Hyacinths. I've adored them since I was little. And as I mentioned, some gardeners consider them weeds and do everything to get rid of them. But I love these little purple clusters. 

Sommer sent me these two images. I have more pictures to share, too, in my quest for 10,000 flowers. Please keep sending the pictures my way (msalisontyler at yahoo dot com.) I'll post the snapshots each week.

Speaking of flowers...Blushers (my collection of seven stories with a gorgeous flower cover by Riendo) will be free for five days starting tomorrow. I can't send each of you flowers, but I can give you this! Please let me know if you like the book!


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