April 01, 2015

I forgot to take off my clothes...

I had a dream in reverse. Or upside down. Possibly backwards.

I was a stripper—and oh, did I fucking love my outfit. Talk about bizarre, I was wearing a long-sleeved pink angora sweater and a pair of matching petal-pink walking shorts made of lace. High-heeled orchid patent leather pumps completed the outfit. Pink lipstick from a 1950s photo shoot replaced my standard cherry. I didn't dream the part on stage, only the part where I rushed back through the velvet curtains.

And I was aglow. You know that feeling where you nailed something? You hit the mark. You succeeded past your wildest expectations. That was me.

Then I looked down. I was still dressed. I'd forgotten to take off my clothes. No joke. In my dream, rather than endure the nightmare of being naked in public—I experienced the nightmare of not remembering to undress!

While there are countless dream sites that interpret what it means to be missing clothes—or to be naked in public—I have not found one to explain this dream away.

So I'll interpret the situation myself. I think the dream means I need a pink angora sweater. And a new pair of pink patent-leather pumps!



CJ Lemire said...

I dated a stripper once. Pretty sure that qualifies me to offer an opinion, and your interpretation makes sense to me.

dave smith said...

your pink outfit gave them the money shot they were anticipating. Maybe it was a fashion catwalk? Whatever it was, you felt satisfied...and that's how the dream hooked you!