April 12, 2015

The Journal of Literary Sluts

I read extremely carefully when I'm editing. I can catch tiny missing words that your brain tends to insert automatically into sentences. But when I'm reading fast—or skimming on the fly—I often misread lines. Yesterday, my eyes transformed the bio for a "journal for literary arts" into "The Journal of Literary Sluts."

Honestly? I'm fucking in love with the concept.

No clue what the journal would contain. To me, a "literary slut" would manhandle words to make them behave. She'd be promiscuous in her selection of adjectives. She'd go to bed with any verb in town. And oh would she ever blow the right adverb.

Of course, another writer might have a different definition.

I thought I'd simmer this one and see who might want to play.

Truly, I adore stories about writers and writing. Since I spend so much time in bed with words, I appreciate reading about characters who do, too. So would this be a collection of stories about writers? Or would the writers simply consider themselves literary sluts for being part of my tawdry the collection?

Ideas welcome.


P.S. Soon to be released in my "Alison" series is "Alison Gets Schooled," which contains one of my editing stories—Edit Me—available currently as a single.


Helena said...

I love this idea! Stories about writers and writing are a total weakness for me. Really any story involving words and books and the like. There is so much possibility here! Maybe "The Journal of Literary Sluts" is about a group of readers who would do anything for a good story.

Tamsin Flowers said...

This sounds like an irresistible monthly publication, with regular stories from literary sluts. Perhaps you should become editor-in-chief...