April 28, 2015

Tuesday in the Dungeon: Sophia Valenti

London Dungeon Hire has allowed me to use their photos for my Tuesdays in the Dungeon. I'm very excited about this concept. Dungeons delight me, and I've had the pleasure of publishing multiple stories over the years that are set in dungeons. Last week, I featured Kathy Kulig and her latest title: Steel Reflections (yours for 99 cents).

Today's snippet is from Sophia Valenti, a writer whose work I adore and whose friendship I treasure. She's penned a new piece called "On the Mend," which will be featured in our new collection Office Sluts:

After greeting Travis, I picked up a glass of wine and scanned the room, more interested in observing the crowd than looking at photography I’d already seen. Not only had I seen the photos, I was in a few of them, shadowy shots that were taken the previous summer in a dimly lit downtown dungeon. The crimson stripes that had graced my ass that night were artistic strokes of gray in Travis’s black-and-white snapshot of my submission. As I stood before the image, my bottom tingled underneath my silky panties, the sight having reawakened the memory of every lash I’d received. The man who had so skillfully whipped me that night was gone. We’d broken up hours after that picture had been taken, which to me made it as bittersweet as it was beautiful. Since that night, I’d stayed away from the bars and clubs. From time to time, I found myself craving that intensity—the sensations that would both thrill and soothe me—but I wasn’t eager to encounter another round of disappointment. Travis’s photograph had captured a single, sexy moment, but it seemed as if the life I’d been living was as frozen and monotone as the image hanging on the wall. 

Her words paint such a glorious picture. I can see the the set, feel the panties, lose myself in a memory. Someone else's memory. Stunning.

For a full-length freebie by Sophia Valenti, please check out Riding the 5:15.


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