May 21, 2015

Go Re-Read A Book!

I always have books on hand. In my car right now? The Godfather. Nickel and Dimed. In my purse? The Mighty Quinn by Sommer Marsden. By my bed? Time Bandit. Yes. You caught me. I tend to re-read almost as much as I, um, new-read.

Flavorwire recently posted an article on this topic. I appreciated the line:

"Re-reading offers something that few cultural experiences do, really: a mix of gentle stability and sharp new insight."

Bustle also has a seriously fun post on the topic.
So does Barnes & Noble.

One of my best reviews stated: "I finished this book, then went right back to the beginning and read it again."

I am a bit obsessed with the books I re-read. I own multiple copies of my favorites. So I'm pleased to see the concept taking hold. We play our treasured songs over and over. Why not replay our books, too? So go on. Go re-read a book. Then tell me which title you're savoring!


P.S. Sommer calls these books "slipper" books.


Jo said...

I too am a keen re-reader.

Why just this weekend I re-read book 1 and 3 of your memoir for the nth time and enjoyed them as much as ever, and wished for more...

Angel Rivera said...

I am not rereading now as much as I could, but two I reread now and then are -The Godfather- and -One Hundred Years of Solitude-. In fact, for -One Hundred Years- I get a feel when it is time to revisit Macondo, and I pick it up. It's like it calls me. Another one I reread, and I do it every October, close to Halloween, is -Batman: The Long Halloween-.