May 06, 2015

The Promiscuous Wife

I tripped over this title at a used bookstore and bought the novel before you could say "vintage porn." Almost as delicious as the cover and title are the pitches for more books at the back. My favorite is called The Wrecker: Small town... sin town—passion and evil lurking beneath respectability. That describes several stories I've written!

Copyright is 1968. The book reminds me of this conversation. Because no matter how new things feel, there are often earlier versions. This one sounds a little like the first novel I wrote for Black Lace—Learning to Love It.

There is something about the vintage porn that feels remarkably refreshing to me. The titles are so in your face. The write-ups are charming: "Women on the loose, with cravings hot enough to burn." "Every step of her climb to success led her down the road to hell."

One of my favorite noir books was called: I Had to Kill Her, The Trouble Was She Wouldn't Stay Dead. These have the same flair to me. To match the cadence, I am working on a book called (no joke): My Husband Hates His Job So I Fucked His Boss. (That's the working title, anyway.)

But what really caught my eye with this was the "wife" part. Lately, I've noticed a theme in stories (and in real life to some extent) in which the wife is billed as the enemy. If only the wife wasn't in the way dot dot dot. It's an old trope, and honestly, I'm fucking tired of it. Which is truly why I love Violet Blue's latest collections. There are husbands and wives in these books and they're having sex and being kinky. And I support that in a huge way.

I'll be reading The Promiscuous Wife and hope to post a review shortly.



F. Leonora Solomon said...

eager to see what your review will be, i love all books like this if just for the covers. yes, i judge books by their covers!

Miz Angell said...

I'm all for vintage porn! I just can't seem to find any at the bookstores I've been to. And online? My credit card can't take the hit.

But it doesn't stop me from browsing...