June 11, 2015

Bent Over His Desk

Bent Over His Desk: Hot Office Kink is the latest erotic collection from Digita Publications. And I'm all a flutter! This luscious new anthology features one of my favorite covers ever. But I know, I know. We're not supposed to judge books by their covers. Luckily, once you crack the spine (virtually), you'll discver eleven sultry-as-fuck stories. Here, let me show you...

On the Sly by Sommer Marsden
Peach-Colored Panties by Thomas S. Roche
Too Strong To Break by Sophia Valenti
Morning, Noon, and Nighty by Alison Tyler
Surrender by Sophia Valenti
The Silent Danger of Paper by Sommer Marsden
Cast of Three by Emilie Paris
The Suit and the Princess by Dante Davidson
On the Mend by Sophia Valenti
Eleven o'Clock Deadline by Thomas S. Roche
A Real Page-Turner by Alison Tyler

Violet Blue is offering review copies right now! Request yours.

These brand-new books (Bisexual Husbands, Filthy Housewives, Holiday Kink, and now Bent Over His Desk) are a dream for authors like me. We are sharing all of the profits as we try to build a publishing model that makes sense and is fair to all parties. (7% ebook royalty? I think not.) Nobody has to put on full-body armor to go to a meeting. The relief is almost overwhelming. Violet Blue is the most hands-on publisher I've worked with. She takes incredible pride in the layout and design of the books she produces. And she should!

The books are drop-dead gorgeous and deliriously kinky.

I'm bent over my desk in anticipation. Join me?


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