June 17, 2015

Karma Graffiti

I passed by this tiny little "karma" the other day and snapped the photo for Sommer. I'm always looking for interesting graffiti, and this one made me smile. (I'm also always fascinated by karma.)

Recently, several karma-related situations have happened to me (or near me). The way I always put it is this: Characters behave characteristically. Whether they're fictional or real. (My other go-to philosophy is based on the playground: See someone being mean at recess, chances are they'll be mean to you, too.) The flip is true, of course, too.

In these karmatic (ha) situations, I didn't have to say a word. I didn't have to make a move. I went on my way, and without any assistance the characters behaved characteristically. Their masks came off. They were up to their old tricks.

And yeah, I'm not naming names. I'm not pointing fingers. But I'm awash in fucking relief. It wasn't just me. Because truly? I try to handle things. I last as long as I can. I want to make it work. When I fail, I am full of self-blame.

Of course, there's good karma, too. And for good karma, I always read:

Violet Blue
• Shanna Germain
Sommer Marsden
Sophia Valenti
Angell Brooks

...among many others. In fact, too many to tally. I find myself being drawn to the happy lately. Doing my best to avoid the drama.

Where do you go to for a bit of good news?


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