June 03, 2015

Karma Has No Deadline

I missed my own deadline yesterday due to unforeseen issues. (Shattered glass was involved.) So I'll reboot Tuesday in the Dungeon next Tuesday—with guest author Graydancer. (Very excited! Stay tuned. His work is dreamy.)

Currently, I have scheduled themes (is that the right word?) for:

Mondays—Trollop with a Question
Tuesdays—Tuesday in the Dungeon
Fridays—Free Smut Friday

I'm bouncing around with my Dirty Etymology posts. And I'm hoping to come up with a regular Thrifty Thursday feature—showcasing some of the titles you can pick up on the cheaper end of the swimming pool.

But today, I thought I'd simply pass on bits of good news I've tripped over this week.

Sommer Marsden has a brand-new bag. I mean, cover.
Heidi Champa has a hotter-than-hot store.
A.M. Hartnett has a new book coming out.
Bronwyn Green received a fab new review.

I'll be adding to the list throughout the week. I'm out the door (and a little out of my head) right now.


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