June 20, 2015

Pack Your Indies

I had a little too much tequila... I mean, I had a little too much fun with my photos this week. See? Here is another one featuring Filthy Housewives (edited by Violet Blue) and Bent Over His Desk.

If I'd been more awake, I might have written: pack your porn. (I'm still working on a post called "Porn Porn" in response to the various "Food Porn" "Shoe Porn" "Truck Porn" accounts I follow.) But "indies" are supremely dear to my heart right now. So we'll stick with that.

Violet has done a delightful job with these collections. She's provided editorial guidance, gorgeous design, and incredible support. I've known Violet for... oh, wow, can it be more than 15 years? And I'm simply more in awe of her extreme talents every single day. Plain and simple, she's a tech goddess, word ninja, editing guru—and I'm honored to know her.

Look what she's done with these collections. They are breakthroughs, in my opinion. This is the future. Stunning, classy, retro, vintage. Priced reasonably and fairly. (For the latest, you're paying 40 cents a story.)

But you know the best part? The entire project has overflowed with respect. And that is my go-to word these days. Respect for the writers. Respect for the editor. Respect. Stop me before I start singing the song.

So thank you to everyone who has bought the book so far. Your support means more than I can say!


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