July 05, 2015

A Sexy Interruption

We interrupt this weekend because my dream last night was so intense, so raw and real, I have to share. I was on a date with someone (not important, sketchy in the dream) who took me to a Victorian house in San Francisco run by a European woman I've met several times. (A woman who thinks I ought to tie her up and top her in real life.)

Somehow I knew that this was a house where you could give or receive spankings. All the customers were gathered in a front room. Lots of windows, odd-shaped room like a hexagon, drawn velvet curtains the color of spilled red wine.

The customers were in plush gray robes, lounging and chatting on multi-colored sofas around the room. The atmosphere was very social—a party. But there was this total kinky vibe in the air.

When I looked around the room, I realized that I knew two of the customers. One was a family friend: artsy, athletic, a daredevil. The other was someone I know casually who seemed embarrassed to be recognized so I left her alone.

The man, we'll call him Dan, came over to me and started to explain his sexual fantasies. Intimately. At some point, I realized my date had disappeared and Dan said, "Don't worry. He's taking his turn." Then Dan continued to share his needs with me. He told me the first time his wife had ever spanked him, and how aroused and satisfied the experience had made him.

"This was a long time ago," he said. "I'd gone out and bought something major without her approval. Not that I have to ask her for permission, but it would have been courteous to talk to her first. So I come home with this thing, and she flips out. Ranting. Not like her at all. And then she says she's going to punish me."

He stopped and kind of indicated his body type. 6'4", built. And I know that his wife is built like me. Fierce but small. Fit but at least a foot shorter than he is.

"So she couldn't do this without my consent," he explained. "But I wanted her to. And she bent me over, took down my pants, and gave me a spanking. And I loved it."

He seemed to want me to ask him questions, so I said, "Did she ever do that again?"

"No. That's why I come here. I need this. I want a woman who can punish me. Who won't be embarrassed or nervous about turning my ass red. I want a woman who will stroke my asshole afterwards. Who will jack me off while I'm still shaking."

At this point in the dream, the woman who ran the house came out and started to try and take my clothes off. Everyone was in robes but me. I wanted to keep my armor on. (Which is me to a "t," truly.) She pulled me into the rear part of the house and said that it was my turn and that my date had told her everything that I liked, everything I was into. But that if I wanted to take care of Dan's needs first, that would be acceptable.

My date was still MIA.

Then she kissed me. Really kissed me. So that I felt spangles of heat rushing all through my body.

A little dazed, I took Dan into a small room at the back of the house, and I had him tell me why he needed to be punished. I could feel the excitement flaring through me. I was absolutely vibrating with desire. I had him take off his robe, and all he had underneath were boxers.

I bent him over the bed and pulled down his boxers. I spanked him with my hand first, and then I found the implements I craved in a wardrobe nearby. I paddled him until I could tell he was close to his limits, and then I jacked him off all over the bed.

When I was finished—and he was finished—the woman who ran the place came in and said that I had passed some sort of test. That now I was in charge of the building, and she was next in line for me to punish and please.

There's more, but I feel the wisps fading. Maybe this will become a new story... Perhaps, The Spanking House part two?

Now, back to the weekend, already in progress.


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Su Tungpo said...

Why can't I have dreams like that? Thanks for sharing. Made the weekend quite a bit hotter!