July 01, 2015

Be a Peach

So I fucking love this quote. I'd never heard it before. The image is courtesy of WhiteCellarDoor on ETSY. Check out the site for clever, witty and surprising quotations.

This quote is perfect in so many ways.
And it's something I need to remember.

When I first started writing erotica, the market was miniscule. There were only a handful of places that would even consider publishing racy stories. There was no internet the way it stands today. Saying you wrote erotica was like admitting you were dirty. In a bad way. Some people were horrified. Some were curious yet judgmental. Some asked when I was going to write something for real or write something good.

The truth is that I've always written for multiple genres. One of my earliest ghostwriting jobs was in horror. (It was literally a ghost-writing job!) I've written for mainstream magazines, newspapers, travel sites. And when I started penning porn, I didn't actually understand the genres. That if you wrote romance, there was a whole section waiting for you at the bookstore. But if you wrote smut, you might find yourself on a sexuality shelf, maybe. If you were lucky.

One of the best things about the revolution in publishing (and there's one going on)—is that you can write in whatever style you like. You can make up a new genre. And there's a place for your work. I don't mean to sound like a Pollyanna. (I had to look that up!) But it's the truth.

Even more exciting, you can connect with people who want to read your work. How cool is that?

Yesterday, Sophia Valenti said: Writing is such a solitary experience; you have to work on what brings you joy.

And Delilah Night said: Last week I finally picked up the proverbial pen. Yesterday I sent out the story to betas. Bc who doesn't like shapeshifting reindeer?

Where we are is new. How it will end up, nobody knows. But these are the facts: you can write your words and you can publish your books. (I am working on a 100% totally free guide to self-publishing right now that I hope to have up shortly.) There are so many possibilities for how you share your work.

And to any naysayers? Just tell them you're a peach.


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dilokeith said...

Excellent quote, and so important, especially for those of us who are more like a mangosteen.