July 30, 2015

Fashion Tips from a Sub

I was going to post the intro to Rebel Rule Breaker today, but then I made a joke about writing a column called "Fashion Tips from a Sub," and I couldn't find a similar piece anywhere. Which made me think I should write one. (Because, why not?)

I know that I pushed back on an article seven years ago in which the journalist said an author "looked nothing like the writer of a bondage-spiked book." But this is different. I'm not going to share tips on how to look "bondage-spiked." I'm going to invite you into my jewelry box.

See, I didn't even realize I do this. But I love bracelets. I wear them all the time, have quite a collection, and prefer tight ones. Cuffs, if you will. Not only do I prefer wearing cuff-style bracelets, I tend to wear two matching ones. Yes, at the same time.

You do run the risk of looking like Wonder Woman if you're not careful. But hell, I like Wonder Woman.

As I've mentioned, my wrists are extremely sensitive. Before I knew about BDSM, I always wanted boyfriends to hold my wrists, to kiss my wrists. The sensation twisted something inside me. It's not surprising that 1,264 files on my computer contain the word "wrists," and most are about holding, binding, tying, or kissing:

From Tied Up & Twisted:

His favorite time with Hadley occurred right near the end. They were fighting a lot. That is, when they were talking. But one night she came home in a mood. He sensed the shift in the apartment as soon as she walked through the door. The molecules in the air seemed to change. She had him bound with cold, steel cuffs, his wrists over his head. She brought out a strap-on that night and a bottle of lube. She set them both on the bedside table, so he could stare at them and know what was coming.

From The Lizard Queen:

There was Nick, captured to the bed with thick leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles. A black leather mask completely covered his face, the eyes of the mask blacked out, serving the purpose of a blindfold. Bound tightly to the bed, he wore nothing else except a studded black leather dog collar.

From Dark Secret Love:

I think we are all hardwired for what we crave. When I'd gone on a few miserable dates with guys my age, I would invariably offer my wrists to them. To hold. To kiss. I didn't even know why I was doing this. And the guys never figured out what I wanted. I can imagine their confusing now. What's with this chick?

When I see the types of bracelets I worship, I'll take pictures to add here. Stay tuned for further fashionably smutty columns—and please feel free to add your own tips!


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Miz Angell said...

I've always been a cuff chick. Even now, my preferred jewellery is cuffs. Usually any kind, but my fave is my brown, stiff leather, with brown leather lacing through metal rings. It comes from my rock-chick persona from when I was a kid.

I have black leather ones, fancy sparkly ones, proper "bracelet" ones, and everything in between.

And I love the ones you've posted.