August 25, 2015

Are you ready to Chaucer?

So I tossed out the idea that we read Chaucer together. Why? Because I'm scared to do it alone! But how on earth do you schedule a book group for a handful of people across various time zones? And what if we're not all reading the same edition? (The one above was my mother's I think.)

Well, this is what I decided.

Every Tuesday, I'll post an update of where I am and what I think... and readers can weigh in with their impressions, as well. We might not all be talking at the same time—but we can tag back and forth and help each other out.

I actually have several versions floating around, so I may dip in and out and see which I like best. So start your engines. Rev your medieval minds. And get ready to Chaucer!


P.S. The introduction on my edition is 57 pages long. The front page features an explanation of what a Viking Portable is. My favorite line: "Most 'Portables' are available both in durable cloth and in stiff paper covers." This reminds me of a vinyl record I have that features the promise: "This monophonic microgroove recording is playable on monophonic and stereo phonographs. It cannot become obsolete." I find that adorable.

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Lana Fox said...

Because of what I studied at (a sheltered) age 18, Chaucer's was the first sex I ever read! I LOVE Chaucer. He brought stories to the people -- the first person in England who got stories out in print in something other than Latin so that people of all literacy levels could access them more easily and enjoy. Lit for the people about real people with urges and foolishness and bodies and laughter and vices! The Wife of Bath is AWESOME, right? I love that you're doing this, Alison. <3