August 09, 2015

Even in Toledo

I'm kidding. Of course, you can. You can always sit with us. And by "us," I mean "me." (You know, the royal "us." Or is that "we"?)

When I first started writing erotica, you actually could pull up a chair to the smutty table and serve yourself. There *was* something of a community. I circled with certain writers, and I actually met quite a few of the publishers and editors I worked with. In person. Over alcohol in some occasions, coffee on others.

On Lust Bites, I connected with a slew of Black Lace writers. I think we were the first—or at least one of the first—erotic group blogs on the 'net. (I just checked, and the blog has been closed except for invited readers. But the site was an interesting experiment while it lasted.)

There honestly was a time when you could know personally—or at least know *of*—almost all the writers in the industry. Imagine that.

Last fall, while I was sinking in publishing quicksand, I came up with a concept I called Power On—in which writers could help each other. Honestly, I think I'd had my shades on for so long, I hadn't realized the new landscape.

Recently, with my obsessive math-i-ness, I discovered there are almost half a million items tagged "erotica" on Amazon.

That's not a community. That's Toledo.

I mean, Toledo has a population of close to 500,000. And if you were going to host a dinner party, you'd have to get a really big fucking table.

But here's the thing... the Interwebs allow readers to choose which table they want to sit at. (At which table they want to sit?) So if you're hungry for a dinosaur romance, you can find that. If you're craving a mail-order billionaire, you can find that, too.

So maybe there isn't *a* community. But there are communities. Little fetish-y neighborhoods of assorted erotic endeavors. I like that. It fits into my Motel Erotica concept.

I'll bet there's even one in Toledo!


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Miz Angell said...

I loved Lust Bites. It was one of my first encounters with the erotica community. I thought the idea of a few main voices from the community coming together and showing us how to do what we love to do was amazing.

And I never thought, when I first started in, that there would be so many different, um, species? - of erotica. It totally blows my mind.