August 12, 2015

Rebel Rule Breaker: The Introduction

Rebel Rule Breaker
A Guide from a Social Media Failure

In 2006, I fell backwards into blogging. My publisher at the time, Black Lace, had suggested a group of BL authors work together on a group blog. I was invited to join by Nikki Magennis, and I worked with several creative, intelligent, and (sometimes) snarky women for nearly a year on (the now defunct) Lust Bites.

In order to be part of the group blog, I had to create my own account. Up until then, I’d shunned the online world. I find marketing terrifying.

Lust Bites was my trial-by-fire introduction to engaging with the public online. I believe I did everything wrong. I got my feelings hurt. I created a sock puppet to push back on an issue. I wrote a comment anonymously. I argued with reviewers who I felt were unfair. Name something you’re not supposed to do online. I did it.

And I did it with gusto.

After leaving Lust Bites, I focused on my own blog. Here I continued to do things incorrectly according to social media experts. When I was stressed, I published in bursts. I would actually update the blog multiple times a day.

In 2008 (maybe) I tried Facebook. In 09, I quit Facebook and Twitter. In my defense, this is what was happening, and I really couldn’t handle the online world.

My blog is an extension of my brain. Messy. Scrambled. Difficult to sort. Disorganized. Colorful. Plagued by insomnia.

I have:

• deleted posts
• lashed out at publishers
• used my tags to highlight songs I like

I haven’t:

• made it easy for people to … well, do anything. There is no rhyme. There is no reason. If I handed you a road map, the directions would be written in gibberish.

I actually used to beat myself up about this. But I look at my blog as a way for readers to discover a little bit more of me than they find in my books. I don’t use robots for anything. I don’t schedule because I never know what day it is.

My goal with this guide is to make other losers—I mean, people—who are insecure about social media feel better about themselves. I am writing this book for free, and I’ll be posting sections as I write them. I’m hoping to keep a running list of the book’s chapters in the sidebar.

Possibly. And I’m sure people will be happy to point out the errors in my ways. But that’s okay. I’ll simply write the critics into another chapter in the book!


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Cora Zane said...

Yay! Rebel Rule Breaker is here!

I know the gurus and experts say authors are supposed to promo/market/brand across social media from x to infinity, and that that's what social media is for, but confession: I never go to blog to specifically read promo. I go to see what the author is like beyond their books, and what's going on with them. If they happen to be promo-ing that day, it's all good, but I'm really there to glimpse the wizard behind the curtain. That probably seems a bit weird but...well, if the shoe fits, I might as well lace it up and wear it.

Looking forward to your RRB posts. ^_^