August 13, 2015

Yes, I'm Bi...

...a bi reader that is. (Well, I'd have to say, I'm the other "bi," too.) But I want to talk about books right now. I worship books. The ones you hold in your hand. The ones that you bought at a used bookstore. The ones that break open to your favorite place. Apparently, I also adore books with black-and-white photo covers, with a sub-genre of covers featuring men smoking. Who knew? I didn't until I was organizing a shelf.

I read books hard. Really hard. Poor Lone Pilgrim. This book broke into three different parts recently. Luckily, I have a back-up. Recently, a friend and I were discussing treasured books, and she asked me how many copies I need to own to feel comfortable lending one out. "Three," I responded without missing a beat.

Over the years, I've met several people who give books out as part of their personality. Remember the repairman who gave me a self-help book? It turned out that he'd given away more than 200 copies of that book and more than 300 copies of another title.

I'm that way with Wrecking Crew. Not to the triple digits, but I have given away umpteen copies of the baseball book.

A few months ago, a writer put down people who read electronically. She said print readers were more intellectual than Kindle readers. I'm not sure where she gleaned her information—but I'm doubtful.

Personally, I like nothing better than to hold a book in my hand and read somewhere in public. (Bars are good.) But I spend most of my time reading and editing on the computer. I read all day long. I think you can go both ways and see the benefits to each.

I will be sad if we reach a day when there are no more paper books. (I was sad when vinyl went away, too. But vinyl's back!)

At the moment, only a few of my indie titles are available in book form, as well. But I'm working on fixing that. For Figment, I want both for sure—an e-version, and a book you can hold in your hands. Crack the spine. Bend the pages.

How about you? E-reader? Paper-reader? Both?


P.S. Here is my clever marketing attempt for today. (And you know me and marketing.) So what did I come up with? I thought I'd simply ask people to buy the book. Voila!

I would love to sell ten copies of Alison After Dark this week. Do you have an extra $2.99 under your couch? If so, you can make an indie author's day by purchasing a copy of this collection. For more information on the book, please check this post.

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Cora Zane said...

Bob Dylan! You know Cora is short for Corrina, right? He sings mah song. Now I want to go look up all those books in that photo. I have a thing for biographies.

Oh, and I'm a read-it-in-whatever-format-I-can-find-it-in kinda girl. Ebook, paper, microfilm, dusty scroll format...whatever it takes. If I want to read a book bad enough, it could be scratched onto driftwood and I wouldn't care. Just let me read it already.

Happy weekend! ^_^