September 09, 2015

Coffee Made Me Do It

This is my new favorite t-shirt from Wordsbrand—and my new favorite excuse for everything. Why did you wear that slutty short skirt to the business meeting? Coffee made me do it. Why did you let voicemail pick up the call you didn't want to take? Coffee made me do it. Ta da. All my problems are now solved.

I'm down to very few vices lately (more on this to come). But coffee is my co-pilot. We go way back. Extremely way back. I'm beyond obsessed. In fact, yesterday, I had two cups going at once. Side by side on my desk. It was like chain-smoking with java.

Which somehow percolated a new idea. If you'll take a picture of any of my titles with your coffee, you'll be entered into a brand-new contest to win a box filled with smut. (This contest could also be called "cleaning out my porn closet.")

I'll post a picture of the prize soon. But it's been a day already, and it's only 7:05. Oh, and if you entered my "Zero Fucks Given" contest, please email me at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com with your snail mail address. Yes, I'm sending everyone who commented a Zero Fucks Given pencil. You're welcome.

But what if you're reading my titles electronically? Take a shot of the cover on your device. That's fine. Does tea count as coffee? (Not in my world, but yes in my contest.)

Any other questions? Hit me with your best double-shot of espresso!


P.S. I checked—I've mentioned coffee in 1,410 stories. So far.

1 comment:

Miz Angell said...

Yay! Contest, coffee & Alison! Three of my favourite things!!