September 12, 2015

Coffee & Sex

Those are really two of my favorite things. (Add yarn, and I'm yours for life.) I don't know where the idea for this coffee-infused contest came from. Mostly, I'm a voyeur who likes to snoop into people's kitchens...and other rooms. So this is simply one way for me to spy into your world.

How do you take your kink? With cream and sugar? Black? With foam? In the early nineties, I started a novel called Cream—as yet, unfinished. I'll have to see if I can find the words. They're probably behind the sugar jar on the shelf.

My contest rules are simple. Take a picture of your coffee (or even tea) with any of my titles and send the snapshot to me at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com. Or post the picture on Twitter and link to me—I'm @alisontyler.

Here is one of the pictures I've already received...

Thank you, David!

I couldn't enter my own contest, so I snapped a picture of Sommer Marsden's The Mighty Quinn. Oh, and finally, here is a photo of the prize. As you can see, I'm cleaning out my porn closet. The prize is fourteen titles published over the past decade (or so).

I didn't give an end date to the contest (because I never remember to do things like that). But I'll run this through September and reveal a winner on October 1st.

Anything I forgot? Pour me a shot of espresso and ask me a question. I forget a lot of things.


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