September 23, 2015

First Words: Sommer Marsden

Although I don't foresee many (any?) anthologies in my future, I truly appreciated the run I had as an editor. Words illuminate me. They light me—and delight me. I trace letters with my fingertips when I'm nervous. Or anxious.

So basically, a lot.

If you ran into me on the street, chances are that you'd spot words scribbled on my hands. I am the paper for my own notes.

The past twelve months have been challenging for me. And "challenging" is an understatement. I was crushed by a situation last year because 1) I am a person and b) I have feelings. I continue to deal with the fall-out on an almost a daily basis. Other people's decisions massively changed the course of my life.

"Out of my control" is not something I do well.

But I am striving to reach for the positive. The positive to me always equals words. So I've decided to redecorate with some of my favorite words by some of my favorite authors.

Sommer Marsden's first words fell into my inbox nearly nine years ago (if I have my math on right). I'd been reading for multiple collections, and I was deliciously rocked by the way she unfolded her tale. If you haven't read "She Looked Good in Ribbons," do yourself a favor. Track that story down. Now.

I'm also planning on putting up loose words I discover in my travels. Like this one: grateful.

I want constant reminders of how powerful words can be—and I want to pay attention to which words I use (and choose) to define myself.


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