September 30, 2015

Your Destination

Before I found what I was looking for, I hit a lot of walls. I would tiptoe into new relationships, put my nose to the ground, drink in the scent, search for the kink. Some people forget, I think. And some people never experienced this. But now you have more tools to find what you're after. When I started writing—and searching—I thought I was alone.

I'd ask a pretty boy to tie me down, and he would be horrified.

I'd ask a handsome man to spank me, and he would say I was broken.

I'd beg, crawling on hands and knees, spilling secrets, spilling vodka, and be turned away. Denied. Derided. Destroyed.

This is why I feel that the new world order is a positive. People can find what they crave. They can find what they need.

And I am all about need.

If you desire kink, if you want stories that are filled with a white-hot filament—a blue, incandescent flame—I'm your girl. I've been writing these words for a quarter of a fucking century. All I want to do is get them right. I will keep trying, keep slamming my fingers on the keys, keep waking up at midnight to jot down a new idea.

Ask me to tie you down, and I will.

Ask me to spank you, and I will.

Crawl on your hands and knees to me, and I will never turn you away.

You're here. At last. You've reached your destination.


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