October 02, 2015

An Erotic Endeavor

When I first started to seriously write erotica (as opposed to simply typing at any free moment to release the words from my brain), I gave myself a deadline to "break in." I told myself I had ten years to sell a story. And if I hadn't sold a story by that point, well, I'd just have to... re-evaluate.

I'm not joking. That was my plan.

Luckily (for me), I sold my first piece fairly quickly. And my second. Then a novel. Then another. I never paused for air (or sleep). I found my niche—"breathless" erotica (my words have been called)—put my head down, and cranked out over 1,000 stories, more than 75 collections, at least 30 novels.

Last October, in the midst of a situation that still leaves me shaking my head, I created a new goal. I wanted to put out a collection every month. And if I couldn't, well, I'd just have to re-evaluate. (I'm cruel to myself in many ways. Goal-making is not one of them.)

So I failed in my efforts—but I was able to accomplish this:

Alison on Top
Alison on the Rocks
Alison After Dark
Alison's Cheating Heart
The Spanking House and other stories
Even Deeper
Bent Over His Desk

I also contributed to these stellar collections published by the positive powerhouse Violet Blue:

Filthy Housewives
Holiday Kink
Bisexual Husbands

I didn't finish Figment—although I wanted to and am still working hard on the words. I didn't finish The Great Distraction—although I wanted to and am still working hard on the words. In fact, I didn't finish any of these, although I... you get the picture.

One of my editors always reminds me: It's the work that matters. And even in the midst of turmoil, in the topsy-turvy world I find myself spinning in, I was able to get something done. I'm going to celebrate the successes rather than the failures as I make a new goal.

And hey, if I don't succeed, I'll simply have to re-evaluate.


P.S. All of the titles on this post are fair-trade erotica. I am grateful for every sale.

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F. Leonora Solomon said...

you are a wonder and an inspiration Alison!!!