October 17, 2015

Be Luminous for Me

"Luminous" lights me up. But I use the word sparingly—like an expensive spice. Or glitter. I've sprinkled "luminous" over twelve out of the 4,549 articles on this blog. And the word adorns 127 files on my computer. (While "fuck" appears in 3,093. Up more than 500 times since I wrote this.)

Her skin was almost luminous, except for several surprising tattoos hidden low on her waist and up around her shoulder blades.—from WYSIWYG (in Alison on Top)

Was this luminous woman a girlfriend, a client, or both?—from Well Trained (in Alison's Cheating Heart)

The luminous fabric rustled in the breeze, but Connie wasn't cold.—(from The ESP Affair)

I was delighted when I found "luminous" used in a definition this week. And the very next day, an image sidled into my inbox advertising tights that were called Luminosity. Clearly, the universe is sending me a message. (Buy more tights, right? That's what I heard.)

I've been up since five, and I've spent the morning writing drafts of future posts. I think I've penned ten draft pieces in the past three days. None are working the way I want—so I'm filing for later. Sometimes I simply have to spill the words out. Then I can hone them at leisure. (Of course, that's not what I'll do. I'll keep slamming myself into the delinquents to try to make them behave.)

So while I'm whipping my words into shape, here is a writing challenge for you. Pen me a 100-word flasher that incorporates the word "luminous." Deadline is October 30th. (I have final approval of anything I post on my blog. You must be over 18 to participate. Questions? I'm at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com. That's where you may sub your piece, as well.)

Go on. Be luminous for me.


P.S. Not to be too much of a tease, but I have sparkling news to share shortly. Something I've been dreaming of for a long time. Stay tuned!

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