October 07, 2015

Eau de Alison

Insomnia makes everything more interesting. 

I don't bother second-guessing myself anymore. I jump to fifth-guessing. Twelfth guessing. Right this second, I can't seem to do anything correctly. 

So I'm going to switch gears and try something different. Totally different. I've been wanting to pen perfume reviews for years. I interviewed Chandler Burr (one of my perfume heroes) once upon a time. I've always loved his words. How he can make you understand a scent on paper. That takes talent. But I knew if I wrote perfume reviews I'd describe the aromas in my "eau"n way. (Ha ha. Perfume humor.)

See, I wanted to write perfume reviews in the forms of stories, with each one based on the type of sex one might have while wearing a particular scent.

Then I worried—because I tend to worry. The perfume companies might not want to read porn based on their creations. And I never want to step on anyone's atomizers. So I thought of a new way. I'd write a story, and I wouldn't reveal which perfume I was reviewing. Clever readers might be able to figure it out. If not, no problem. The stories would simply be stories. Like this one...

200 words. On a dime.

He was waiting for her in the dark. When she opened the door, he reached out, touched her, let her know he was there. She stood totally still, expecting him to tell her what to do, how he wanted her, but he remained silent. 

They were simply two people in a dark room.

Her heart sped up when he bent and brought his lips to the back of her neck. She could feel the flickers of current dance through her. She lowered her chin. He bit her nape.

His hands ran up and down her arms, smoothing her, soothing her. She had on a long sweater, a tunic that hit her at the top of her thighs. Beneath, she was wearing nothing. The sweater was dove gray, expensive, cashmere. But the color didn't matter. In the room, everything was pitch. Black.

The sweater caressed her when he ran his hands over her body. She shut her eyes, leaned back against him. He lifted the hem, let her feel his cock against her naked ass. Slowly, he entered her. Slowly, she exhaled.

He pushed his hips forward.

She followed his lead.

In the midnight room, they made their own sweet light.


Finally, something complete this morning. Something I can wrap my words around.


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