October 24, 2015

Erotica on the Edge

So I'm closing in on Figment, which is the craziest, topsy-turviest story I've ever told. I am thinking that this may only be the first part of it. But that's probably because I fucking love some of the characters. I love them and I don't want them to leave. (My pages. My brain.)

At first, I thought I would post the completed book in pieces, and that for each character, I'd use a different colored ink. Then I dabbled with the idea of hosting a fundraiser to print a thousand copies. The entertaining part of this idea was that I loved coming up with the rewards I would give. You know:

Donate $5—I send you a pretty postcard
Donate $15—I remember you on your birthday
Donate $25—I crochet a one-of-a-kind scarf in the color of your choice
Donate $50—I call you from a pay phone

Honestly, I am still undecided. What I do know is that this is my best work to date. I know that in my heart and soul. And after all these years, that's all I want. To get better. To improve. To challenge myself. I've broken all the rules. I've knocked down every wall.

Rather than give a date for the release (which I will invariably miss and then beat myself up over) I'm going to simply say: It's coming. Soon.

This is erotica on the edge, and I hope you'll take the plunge with me.



Geeky Nymph said...

I just wanted to say that I'm excited for this! I want to support you in whatever way that I can.

Miz Angell said...

Count me in! I've loved what you given us so far. I'll do whatever necessary to help get it into print and into people's hands.