October 10, 2015

Out of Control

I believe this describes both my current mental state and my newest book! (It also describes my hair. I have plug-your-finger-in-the-socket curls going on this morning. Medusa has nothing on me.) Yes, "Out of Control" will be the next installment in my story about Jack, Sam, and Alex. I'm hoping to have the words ready by November 1st. Cover is by Riendo (of course).

Several readers have asked if I am planning on releasing the stories in paperback form. Short answer: Yes. Long answer—when I can figure out the best way to proceed. Release each section in paper form? Collect several together into a longer book? I don't know. I'm mulling.

Even Deeper has received several stellar reviews so far, which has definitely spurred me on.

Don't forget! I'm hosting a "Cozy As Fuck" contest. Send your pics to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com. Oh, and Movie Quotes to Live By is free this weekend. You can download your copy right now. If you enjoy the collection of cinematic wisdom, please leave a review!


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