October 23, 2015

Story of the Week: #1

I honestly didn't realize how early it was until I saw the timestamp on this cover. And I've already been up for hours working. I guess time has no meaning now. I have entered my own special erotic timezone.

As you're definitely aware, I like to slide into bed with different projects at the same time (I'm absolutely a non-monogamous writer). This is one that I've been trying to launch forever. A new story every week. I know I'm fully capable of maintaining this schedule—it's only my brain that gets in the way. Will the pieces be proofed enough? Polished enough? Long enough?

Well, I think the answer is yes. The stories will be different lengths—depending on how long they are. (Ha.) I mean, some stories are simply longer than others. I am going to begin with The Dom Channel—which is the bondage story that got away from me. I was happily writing the piece, minding my own business (like one does), when the hero refused to do anything I suggested. And I honestly couldn't tell if he was becoming just a little bit creepy.

I now have a cover—ta da! And I'm in the polishing stages.

Oh, the funny part—this story is unintentionally retro. There's a video player in it. And I know I could upgrade, update, somehow. But I don't see the point. If the character's bent on having a VCR, I'm going to let him. I actually am one of those readers who dislikes when classic books are revamped (a novel I read as a teen and re-read as an adult was updated so that a record player became a CD player). But this is different. I think I just accidentally set the story in the 90s.

Stay tuned. Hope to have a release date shortly!



Miz Angell said...

YAY! More Alison!

Yeah. That's all I got. It's all I need to say. :)

Alison Tyler said...

Thank you so much! You rock and roll, lady!