October 03, 2015

Tearing Into the Clothes of Fall

I have a prediction.

Fall styles will include boots.

No, really.

And warm things. Like sweaters. Maybe a poncho? Perhaps layers. Yes, I'm definitely seeing layers.

I worship fashion. I papered—literally papered—my walls and ceiling with fashion spreads from the time I was too young to know how to pronounce Hermes. (All right. You caught me. I still don't.) I adore those glossy thick September magazines. Even the ads. Especially, the ads. But what I find quite delightful is something my grandmother liked to say: "Everything old is new again."

Polka dots. Always in as far as I can tell. So are stripes. And animal prints. Ballet flats—do you remember when we wore metallic ones?

Leg warmers were the rage in the 80s. And they were in again six years ago. And now they're back. Wiki-how even has a way to wear them so that they're, like, totally 2015. (This is making me laugh. Seriously. If you can't figure out how to wear leg warmers, we may have bigger issues.)

When I was young(-er), I would own three pairs of jeans at all times. One would be crisp, dark denim—that perfect indigo blue. Too stiff to sit in comfortably. The second would be gently faded. This took time and effort. A serious commitment. You had to roll around a little bit to get them to ease up. The last (and always my personal favorite) would be ripped, shredded, holy. This was pre-distressed jeans. You distressed your own jeans. My mother despised the holy jeans. Then one day, a famous magazine featured a model (maybe she even graced the cover) wearing a gorgeous blush-colored button-up shirt and... yes... holy jeans.

I proudly showed this to my fashion-conscious mother. Tacked the photo to my wall as proof. I've never grown out of my love for destroyed clothing. (Luckily, my man has his own way of dealing with my clothes when they cross the line.)

Of course, there are avant-garde styles. I read about models wearing models down the runway—and the male ponchos that had a hole at penis-level. But generally, I think fashion is cyclical. And that the most important thing about the art of fashion is feeling comfortable in your own skin (and your own hair!) before you even reach for your underwear.

What prompted this post? Yesterday, I spied a familiar spread in one of the main magazines. Holy jeans? In. In. In.

Thank god.
Sam will be thrilled.


P.S. I forgot all about this post I wrote on fashion & BDSM.
P.P.S. Torn features the incredibly talented Sommer Marsden, Thomas Roche, Sophia Valenti, and Jax Baynard. The cover is by Riendo—of course. This is indie erotica

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