November 21, 2015

A Pocketful of Erotica

When I first began putting books together, I fantasized about a concept I called "Pocket Erotica." Little paperbacks that would have a trim size small enough to slip into your back pocket. (My tagline: "Is that erotica in your pocket?") On Create Space, I just learned, you can publish a book that is 4 x 6, which is close to what I envisioned.

I do a lot of reading electronically for work—but almost all of my pleasure reading is on paper. I don't know why. That's how I'm wired. (Yes, I'm wired to be unwired. Go figure!) So I'm trying to plan ways to provide for both types of readers. Those who desire that exotic electric charge, and those who prefer stroking the pages with their fingertips.

We'll see what I'm able to bring to fruition. Honestly, I'd type up the stories on my Remington if I could, fold them into a square, and slip them to you at the coffee shop. You'd open the paper and read the words with your java. Origami Erotica? Maybe that's the next big thing. We'll see what unfolds in the future. (I couldn't resist!)

If future erotica is your thing (check out my fancy segue), please consider Violet Blue's Wetware. And stay tuned for her latest collection—with the uber hot cover that's giving me all kinds of dirty thoughts!


P.S. I'm planning to unveil a new contest for December. You still have time to enter this month's chance to win a box of books! (Details are at the bottom of this post.)

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