November 25, 2015


I'm brand-new to #1LineWed. I discovered the concept through David, whose lines I enjoyed even without knowing the context. At first, I didn't even begin understand how the game worked. And then I learned that each week there is a theme. (You know me and themes. I love themes.)

This week's is home. So I took a line—okay, I stretched the parameters and I took three lines—from Figment.

"Home" is perfect for the holidays. When I searched through my manuscript, I discovered multiple references to different types of homes. A kaleidoscope of concepts and theories of what makes a home. I hadn't even realized that this was a major theme in my novel. Almost all of my characters in this book are on the move, going from one home to another. All ends well for each one.

Everybody finds a home.

When I was younger, I used to get homesick regularly. I can close my eyes and feel that magnetic pull, that undeniable yearning to go home. Sometimes I would give in and book a ticket. (Or attempt to.) At one point, when I'd moved back home, I realized I still had that vague, sickly desire to return. To go home when I already was there. I never knew exactly how to deal with that sensation. I would say to myself: Look, you're here. You're back. You're where you wanted to be.

Home is such a major part of who we are. Fuck "home is where the heart is." Home is where our souls are.

I adore seeing how different writers rise to the challenge each week.

Let me know if you're playing along.


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Miz Angell said...

I think I'm going to have to start participating.

I know what you mean about home though. Sometimes exactly where you thought you wanted to be, isn't exactly where you want to be.

And yes, home is where your soul is at peace.

Sometimes we'll never get there.