November 18, 2015

Kink Up Your Holidays...

I've been working (desperately) to hold on to the happy this year. To focus on the people and the places and the subjects (and the coffee) that bring joy. Not only to me, but to those around them. I'm not suggesting that every day will be a good day.

But I'm clinging to the positive.

This means that I:

breathe the virtual fresh-baked scent of David's cooking
trace my tongue over Nancy's poetry
admire the photo brilliance of Riendo

(Aside: You have no idea how long I've just sat here trying to make sure it is "hold on to" and not "hold onto.")

We're bombarded by negativity all day long. I'm doing my best to find a way to flip that. To bombard with positivity. Everyone has a different way to be happy. Writing lifts me to that place. Centered. If I can put the words down, I find peace. (At least, momentarily, before the words start up again. They're so fucking demanding.)

Yes, for me, kink is truly positive. People getting what they want. So if I go missing from time to time, know that I have my head down. I'm writing. I'm channeling all of my energy into the words. Not necessarily to make a difference. But to find the happy.

How do you find yours?


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Dayle A. Dermatis said...

(Putting on my copyeditor hat): The trick is to figure out whether there's a phrase in there. "Hold on" is a common phrase, so it's "hold on to." :-)

I, too, try to put the positive out there rather than the negative. (Which apparently make people who don't know me well judge me, assuming everything's right with my life even when I'm going through difficult times. To which I say, "Buh-bye.") I've found that if you look for happiness, for things that make you happy, they're right there in front of you. Writing, my cat, my husband. The autumn leaves, and the way the rain dapples my office window. Friends' laughter. Music (oh yeah, music). The satisfaction of designing a book cover I'm proud of. The knowledge that, with my copyediting expertise, I've helped another writer.

I definitely have perfection issues, and sometimes it's a case of turning things around in my mind. Rather than "Oh, I didn't get nearly enough done today," it's "Look how much I did accomplish."

On an unrelated note, last night I dreamed I found a book about Chaucer—all I remember was that it was about one of the women's tales—and I grabbed it so I could send it to you. Although I'm sorry that it was just a dream and I don't have the book to send to you, I still remember the warm feeling I got in in the dream from having the opportunity to do something that would make you smile.