November 01, 2015

Luminous • Light • Shining • Bright

I am thrilled with the submissions writers sent me for this latest challenge. The rules were simple: pen 100-word flashers on a "luminous" theme.

The entries read like poetry to me. Here are the radiant words I received:

Firefly by Dan

Firefly, firefly
Catches my eye,
Luminous trick
In the darkening sky.

Inside her, outside her,
Lying beside her,
Will she take flight
Like that firefly in the night?


David sent two:


Spread wide, tight tight he has never been here before
Time after time she has taken him to the edge, but however much he begs she just smiles and says "not yet"

"Trust me" she had said as she tied him. It was beyond trust now, it was adoration, it was submission

She picks up one of the candles and asks if she can drip it on him, a voice he does not recognize whispers yes
She picks up a whip and he says thank you

Slipping into a beautiful luminous space he knows he will soon be begging again


The kitchen can be such a wonderful place
He couldn't look at the spatulas and wooden spoons without thinking about how he spanked her as he baked
Tied over the kitchen table he dribbled oil over her, sprinkled flour and then found so many uses for butter
He teased her with the pastry brush, experimented with chop sticks and would not let her come until the timer went off
When things got too hot he moved on to ice and cream, she was the sous chef he had always wanted
As for the cake he baked, it was luminous of course


Untitled by Cora Zane 

Behind him, the curtains are sheer ghosts washed in blue moonlight. He pulls his t-shirt over his head. I'm drawn to the luminous curve of his shoulder, the flex of muscle there. A dip of shadow is nestled at his clavicle. He tosses the shirt into a chair, and when he looks at me again, his devilish eyes are glittering. A secret thrill flutters through me, rattling the cage I've built around my heart. I sense it. This is a dangerous game we're playing tonight. I hold out my hand to him. "Always a tease. Come to bed."


Pale by Jim

Pale skin
Pale moonlight shining through the window casts stripes across the translucent shape in the middle of the room. As I enter a rosy flush spreads slowly from the cheeks up the thighs. I reach down to unlace the shiny black ties.
She coughs and inhales deeply. I walk around her. I look down into her big, luminous, blue eyes. A soft thrumming from my pocket begins. I look at the device, shake my head, spit out "Giselle", turn and leave the room.
"Damn Giselle" she says.


I am so inspired by the words, that I'm ready to offer up another challenge. 100 words suits me well, and I hope you agree. If you're so inclined, please pen me a flasher on the theme of glitter. (Yes, I'm riffing off Cora.) Deadline is the end of November. Send to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com and let me know if I am allowed to post the piece here (and if so, how I should credit you).

Because today is November 1st, I'm also tossing out a new contest. We've done coffee. We've done cozy. So let me go out on a limb—a ledge, an exhibitionistic edge—and ask you to send me pictures of my titles in public. Email me the photos and let me know if it's okay with you to post your pics.

Happy November!


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