November 07, 2015

Take Us for a Spin

I adore Risky Business. (Of course, I do. How could I not with Tangerine Dream creating that atmospheric soundtrack? With sex on a train. With Joe Pantoliano.) One of my favorite lines comes from Guido, who says in that dark voice of his: "Time of your life, eh, kid?" 

Oh, man. I fucking love that.

Which made me think that our little indie erotica books are like rides. Get in with us. We'll take you where you need to go. From the gorgeous covers by super-star erotic editor and publisher Violet Blue, to the filthy fucking interiors courtesy of some of the hottest writers in the business, these collections are destined to rev any engine.

Authors include:

Dante Davidson
Sommer Marsden
Emilie Paris
Thomas Roche
Sophia Valenti many more.

We have done our best to write the type of stories that will linger, resonate, stay with you in your dreams. Even more exciting (to me) is that we're doing this on our own. All authors get a piece. The money is divided fairly, honestly, in a way that gives me faith and hope for publishing. Which is saying something.

If you haven't picked up one of our books, please consider buying a copy today:

Bent Over His Desk
Filthy Housewives
Holiday Kink
Bisexual Husbands

More titles are in the works. We hope to dazzle you soon!

All sorts of inappropriate automotive analogies are flooding my brain. Put our nozzle in your tank...? Check our oil with your dipstick. Hmm. Maybe not. But for about the cost of a gallon and a half of gas, you can buy a collection of high-octane smut. Our full service will assist your self-service endeavors.


P.S. Although I'm loath to beg for reviews, if you do like the collections, we'd absolutely appreciate you letting others know. Word of mouth can make a major difference in our, um, bottom line.

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