December 17, 2015

"Alison Tyler makes it look easy..."

I am up to my hooha in deadlines. Okay, you got me. I never, ever say "hooha." I don't even think "hooha." But the other day, I was behind a Honda in traffic, and the owner had changed the word Honda on the spare tire to Hooha. Which cracked me all kinds of up.

So anyway, that tapping sound you hear in your head is me typing. (Or maybe that's the sound I hear in my head.) I'm so focused right now, that I'm writing in my sleep. Although, last night, I had a dream in which I played Dirty Mad Libs with myself. I woke up with the phrase: "She had a (noun) in her mouth." Like you do.

Both of the novels I'm writing are almost at the same place—it's surreal. 135 pages on this one. Nearly the same on that one. I am moving back and forth between the projects, and honestly, I'm loving both. But what it's not is easy. You would not believe how hard I edit my work. I lose more words than I gain on many days, which can be a drag, but hell. I've been doing this so long, I manage to keep my faith.

Still, hearing Lisabet Sarai say I make it look easy is like a cherry on my day. Whipped cream on my morning. Frosting on my... yes, you get the picture. Her review of Those Girls delighted me, and made me refuel my desire to finish Those Days, which is the novel-length book about Sandy—my protagonist in Those Boys & Those Girls.

Thank you, Lisabet. Your words hit me right when I needed to hear them.


P.S. I'll be back on Monday. If you want to thrill me this weekend, hit me with a photo for my December contest (I'm loving the pictures I've received thus far). (Isn't "thus" a fun word to say?) Also, don't forget to answer my Monday question. And, if you're waiting for prizes from me, I'm mailing packages today and tomorrow. They're a little late, but they're wrapped!

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