December 23, 2015

I resolve to revolve.

Yesterday morning, I asked a friend if she was planning any revolutions for 2016. I meant, of course, resolutions. But my girlfriend just looked at me and then laughed.

"Slip of the tongue," I said.
"What are you up to?" she asked.

And I decided right then that in 2016, I resolve to revolve. To revolt and evolve. There are no stoplights ahead. There aren't even any rules. In the past, I said I spun. I was a dervish then. Now, I'm moving to a slower groove. I'm taking my time. I'm seeing ideas—projects—the whole fucking world—from a variety of angles.

You say you want a resolution?

Well, I'm dissolving (the negative), involving (the positive), and trying my best to solve (the myriad of questions that keep me up in the night).

Turn my switch to "on," baby. Put your ear to my speaker. Close your eyes and listen to my RPMs.

I resolve.
To revolve.

If you let yourself, you'll hear my crackle and hum.


P.S. I'm taking off until the New Year. Please keep sending me your gorgeous photos. Check your mail box for prizes (which I'm late on, but not never on.) Share your own resolutions—or revolutions—here. And have yourself a merry everything and a happy everything else.

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Neroke5 said...

Posted at 4:41 AM did this keep you twisting and turning all night?