December 02, 2015

Rick laughed.

Last week's #1LineWed helped me in a totally unexpected way. The theme was #home, and I hadn't really taken stock of my novel up until then. I mean, I understood I was writing the different routes and roads the characters were on. The round-abouts. The ups and downs. I realized a lot of them were traveling. Moving from one spot to another. But I didn't grasp that the ultimate theme of the book was home.

All of my characters are—in one way or another—going home.

Somehow, that unlocked a missing part of the story for me. And I'm seriously grateful because things that hadn't made sense now do.

This week's #1LineWed theme is "laughter" or "humor." (Or "humour.") Apparently, there's not a lot of this in my book (thus far). Characters laugh all of twice. The first time: "Rick laughed." Seriously. Not a lot to work with.

Here's the second: She started crying because she was going to have sex with a stranger and if someone had told her a year ago that this would be her life she'd have laughed. She would have thought the conversation was crazy talk, like saying she'd suddenly become an astronaut.

I will be posting the entries for my "glitter" prompt this week, and also sliding up the gorgeous photos you sent. *And* I'll be teasing you with a new prompt and contest. Hopefully, tomorrow.

December just snuck up on me when I wasn't looking!


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