January 21, 2016

The Dom Channel

Very soon (if I've dotted my t's and crossed my legs), The Dom Channel will be available for pre-order with an on-sale date of January 25th. This is one of those stories that got away from me. The characters flat-out refused to behave the way I was on my knees begging them to. Why? Why wouldn't they listen to me? Because they exist in their own worlds, and they do what they want. Not what I tell them. Haven't I learned anything over the past quarter of a century? Apparently, not.

I've mentioned this piece before. But I got sidetracked by life and couldn't tie up my loose ends until this morning. Guess what? I have a thing for kinky roommates. (Who knew?) These players definitely fit the definition. Derrick is the dom who insisted on walking a fine line between clever and creepy. Does buying a ball gag ahead of time (in case your roommate is a sub who wants to play with you) mean he's intuitive? Or just a little, um, edgy... You tell me.

This story is the first in what I hope will be a long series of Apartment pieces. This is 01. If you want to check out other roommate stories, please try your hand (ha) at Cuffing Kate. I thought that novella was totally innocent. Some readers had an issue with Kate reading her roommate's diary, which never even occurred to me. You never know what's going to push people's buttons.

FYI—I just peeked. I have 443 stories about roommates on my hard drive. That's crazy, isn't it?

The Dom Channel is a short story (about 4K words) priced at $2.99. Think of me as your smutty bartender or sultry barista. I can serve you a cup of coffee, tequila shooter, or a slow-brewed, handcrafted shot of independent erotica. While you're waiting for this one, have a freebie on the house:

Any Lightness Between Black and White
A Loose Interpretation


P.S. Cover is by Riendo—who owns my heart with her stellar eye.


Clifford Carruthers said...

I can see getting my coffee from you in the morning. Then I can see ordering a drink from you at night.

"The upside down venti caramel macchiato guy, right?"

"That's me."

BJ in Baltimore said...

Just finished reading "The Dom Channel" and, just as expected, you've hit another one straight out of the ballpark, Alison!

I'm buried under nearly three feet of snow in Baltimore, but your red-hot erotica has already started melting the drifts where I sit patiently on my wooden chair, waiting for Derrick to finish with Annabelle and turn his attention to...

XXX back atcha,
BJ in Baltimore