February 21, 2016

Fancy meeting you here...

...at our cozy little corner of cyberspace. Where have I been? At my desk. As always. As ever. Typing like mad on my computer. Creating stories about people who seem to really live in my head. Why haven't I been posting every day (or multiple times a day) as I've done in the past?

Because I'm trying something new. Which I've been wrestling with for quite a while.

What do I miss? The interactions. I enjoy typing with—and talking to—people. You'll still see me on Twitter, messing with Writerly and riffing off Archilect. But mostly, I'm working. I hope to have more results to share before too long. Novel-length results, I mean. Until then, here's a story I finally was able to finish. I started An Every-So-Often Orgy years ago... I can tell you when. January 26, 2013. Time flies when it flies, doesn't it?

If you'd like to read me for free, check out:

A NSFW excerpt from Banging Rebecca

And if you decide to buy one of my short stories, know that I'm seriously delighted. I truly hope you enjoy these shorts. I'm pouring (wrote "purring") your cup of kink to the brim. Bring your lips to my rim. Lick me up.


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