February 10, 2016

Lovers come and go here...

The theme of #1lineWed this week was "scent." I selected a snippet from the introduction of The Dom Channel, my latest kinky BDSM short story:

There's a scent when you walk in—one that lets you know these walls have seen time pass. It's like lemon and sky. Candle wax and cinnamon. Lovers come and go here...

Thank you so much to the readers who have bought the story. I've been running like a wild thing lately, and I haven't had the time to properly let you know how thrilled I am with every sale. If I could, I'd set up a corner bar called Alison's. (See the sign in neon?) I'd have my Smith Corona up on the counter, and I'd type you a fresh short story every night.

Instead, I'm sliding these pages through the ether to you. $2.99 for a short shot of pure kink. Don't forget to lick the rim.



Jim Scovill said...

félicitations on rejoindre les Amazon top 100 auteurs érotiques

Alison Tyler said...

Merci! I love it when readers parlez on my vous! :)